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  • We enjoy a first class service from LTS. What I do appreciate is the personal touch. Our requirements are often complex, and the company goes beyond the call of duty to respond to our non-standard requirements. Financial tariffs are flexible and they are reactive to our volume variations – so much so that I’m now looking to grow the business we do together.

  • We enjoy good service, with our contacts at LTS always approachable and keen to help. They are also flexible in terms of the service offer, capable of re-examining solutions and reacting accordingly in line with changes to the Riedel business model.

  • LTS provides us with a consistently reliable and efficient service. Our bespoke staircases are essentially ‘ugly freight’ in all different shapes and sizes, as well as being delicate products which require careful and knowledgeable handling. With LTS, we have been able to establish close working relationships and levels of trust with drivers and warehouse staff alike, who understand the potential issues when loading and unloading our products.