LTS give you our 5 Best Practices for Shipping Air Freight

26 May 2021 | Freight Forwarding

There are many benefits to using air freight, especially if you are shipping small quantities of lightweight goods. Fast transit times means your consignments can reach any country within hours, there’s extra security and less handling, and your business gets satisfied customers across the globe! To get the most from air freight, there are some practices to follow. Here’s our guide to the top five.

1. Correct sized boxes – Compared to other modes of transport, there is less room on aircraft. It is best to use the correct sized boxes for your goods with just enough inner packing to protect what’s inside. The cost of shipping by air is calculated by the weight of your package, so keep it lighter by avoiding unnecessary packaging.

2. Pack boxes efficiently – the right size and weight of cardboard box will protect the goods inside, as long as they are packed properly. The damage risk is low with air freight as there is less handling, but boxes are still loaded on and off vehicles to aircraft, and this is when damage could occur. Boxes with large air gaps in them are vulnerable to being crushed, so make sure you fill in around your goods with appropriate inner packing.

3. Use new boxes – If you have boxes that have already been used, but are in good condition, you might think that it is fine to use them again. While a used box may keep goods protected, it is not always the case. Cardboard is weakened through use and humidity, so although a box might look strong enough for the journey, your goods could be more vulnerable. Use new boxes and either recycle the rest or use them for different purposes.

4. Tape seams – It can be tempting to save on tape by just using it in the tops of boxes to close them. However, it is best practice to cover all box seams with tape, even if they are already glued. This creates smooth edges that will not get caught, lowering the chances of boxes coming open in transit.

5. Correct labelling – If there is one thing that will cause delays at customs is incorrect labelling of packages. It can also cause shipments to get mixed up with others, re-routed, or left behind in a warehouse while more information is gathered. Avoid this by making sure you have all the necessary information on the labels, such as the contact details of both the shipper and the receiver. Always remove any old labels from boxes to avoid confusion!

If you are considering air freight, we have the expert knowledge to handle your consignments. Fast transit times, consolidated air freight, or a combination of sea and air, we can find solutions to fit your needs and your budget. Whether it is for import or export, from collection to delivery, we have the expertise in providing transit options you can count on.

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