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The advantages of becoming a HGV driver in the UK

20 October 2021 | Industry News, LTS News

There has been a lot in the news recently about truck driver shortages in the UK. The haulage industry is a key part of the economy and when there are disruptions, it is felt by everyone. We only have to look at empty supermarket shelves and the recent fuel crisis to see that HGV drivers are an essential part of the supply chain.

This demand both in and on the transport industry means that there has never been a better time to become a HGV driver and to enjoy the benefits of the profession. If you have been considering a career as a HGV driver, here are some of the advantages.


Lorry drivers are in demand, and that means salaries have increased. An average HGV 2 driver may earn around £38K* per year, while those who have their Class 1 licence and been in the profession for longer will earn more.

Plenty of work

The shortage of HGV drivers in the UK means that many haulage companies are looking to take on new staff. This means you will never be short of work and have your pick of companies to drive for. Need extra money? There are plenty of opportunities to work overtime and nights out, with many like LTS paying allowances and bonuses. HGV drivers are in demand on a global scale, so no matter where you live you will be able to get a job.


Some people are not happy working alongside lots of other people. HGV drivers get to decide (in line with the law) when they drive, take breaks, eat, or sleep, without having anyone else telling them to do so. For those lone wolves out there, being a lorry driver gives you solitude and independence that you don’t often get in other jobs.

See the world

As well as driving all over the UK, many HGV drivers can take on work in other countries, particularly throughout Europe. This means that you get to experience other countries, cities, countryside and meet new people. Not many other jobs can offer that.

Quick to get your license

With the Government creating more capacity, driver training and gaining your HGV licence can take as little as two months. That means you can be on the road and earning quickly. Although you may need to pay for training, there are often grants and subsidies that are available, depending on your situation. There are companies like LTS who will take on apprentice drivers and put them through their HGV training or train current Class 2 drivers up to become Class 1.

There is the ongoing driver CPC to maintain, some companies expect you to fund and do this yourself, but we fund and plan in 2 days a year for driver CPC training, it is always a great way to bring our drivers together and the last one we had plenty of laughs when riding bikes around Birmingham.

LTS bike ride

As an industry, there is still lots more to do to encourage drivers in. It does take a special kind of person to enjoy being a HGV driver, but those who do often can’t imagine doing another job. Yes, there may be long hours on the road, but many find that time to themselves valuable. Waking up each day in a new place, seeing new things, meeting new people and managing your own time is appealing, as is being well paid to do it. We know it’s not always about the money, it’s about being appreciated by the company your work for and those customers you work with.

At LTS, we have a long history in the haulage industry and pride ourselves on our drivers, our range of global logistics and transport services. We offer comprehensive haulage services in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, and have a robust network of partnerships that enable us to deliver the high standards we are known for.

We are currently looking for HGV drivers to join our team, so check out our vacancies and get in touch!


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