Contract Distribution

Increasing, complex and constantly evolving legislation across the transport and distribution sector continues to create issues for 3PLs and own account operators. Outsourcing your distribution requirements to LTS Global Solutions can give you the time to concentrate on the real needs of your business whilst we focus on delivering your goods.

Outsourcing – the operational advantages

A contract distribution agreement removes the headaches and administration involved in managing your own fleet alongside running your business, particularly if you are subject to seasonal or even weekly fluctuations in volume.

This approach enables our contract distribution partners to focus resources on vital business issues and core competencies like product development and revenue generation, using our established services to delivery a quality distribution solution, both national and international.

Outsourcing – the financial benefits advantages

There are significant financial and cost advantages too. From a capital cost point of view, our partners have no need to invest in vehicles, warehousing and maintenance services, freeing up capital for investment elsewhere in the business. We can also offer all the advantages of economies of scale, enabling our partners to make choices based on a balancing of operational costs and service requirements, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Working in partnership

Partnership, collaboration, understanding and focus on quality services are the foundation stones of our contract distribution business. We can often offer improved supply chain management through our advanced logistics systems and sustained investment in information technology.

We run a number of vehicles in our customers’ own liveries, retaining a professional image yet ensuring that full utilisation of the vehicle reduces cost and increases efficiency.

Successful partnership is all about establishing targets, tracking performance, identifying and flagging up new opportunities and refining the service offer. At LTS, we focus on mutual trust and flexibility, meeting our partners’ cost and performance expectations and consistently delivering to agreed service levels.

Contract Distribution with LTS Global Solutions results in the following benefits;

  • Outsource your distribution headaches
  • Reduce administration, improve cost efficiencies
  • Take advantage of economies of scale
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Consistent deliveries to agreed service levels

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