COVID-19 Service Update

19 March 2020 | Industry News, LTS News

We are keeping all our operations running, but some disruption is unavoidable.

As the situation continues to evolve and the UK becomes more affected, LTS Global Solutions is prepared for keeping supplies moving – especially for high priority items such as food, medicines and protective clothing.

We are carefully monitoring the evolving situation around the spreading of the Corona COVID-19 and remain committed to mitigating any potential impact on the supply chains and operations of our customers. To this end, we have established several preventive measures to safeguard the health and well-being of our customers, suppliers, other business partners and ourselves but maintain our services to you as our customer as optimally as possible within the set governmental guidelines.

So far, LTS has prescribed preventative rules for all employees with regard to personal hygiene, stopping visitors to our locations, instructions for visiting drivers and health declarations of employees visiting customers and/or suppliers. In addition, all employees are extensively informed how to handle any health complaints that may be related to the Corona COVID-19 virus. All measures are communicated to all employees in emails and memos.

In accordance with the national measures taken by the UK government as well as guidance from the RHA and BIFA, the following measures are effective today for everyone within LTS. The directors and operations managers of all departments have each made a Business Continuity Plan.

The starting point in each plan is to determine who is present at our location and when, so that our service and services to you as our customer can continue as optimally as possible within the set guidelines. In order to spread risks and increase prevention of Corona COVID-19 as much as possible, they will, until further notice, indicate for each team who works at the office and who works at home, whether or not there will be shift work, how the breaks will be arranged, etc.

In addition, all appointments with external parties at offices and / or location of the external party are immediately cancelled or moved to video call. This also means that we immediately no longer have conversations with applicants, visit or invite suppliers etc. Depending on changes in national measures, the decisions taken are adjusted and implemented as required.

At LTS, we understand our customers’ concerns and will follow the guidelines provided concerning pick-up, handling and delivery of goods, where possible. These extraordinary circumstances, which are completely beyond our control, may result in us not being able to meet agreed KPIs, SLAs, lead times or to transport booked shipments, as well as causing or having caused unexpected additional costs, incurred on our customers’ behalf and which we are obliged to pass on. To avoid possible additional costs, we advise you to check your loading and unloading locations for accessibility before you book a shipment or delivery.

LTS Global Solutions are working proactively with our customers to understand their transport and logistic requirements for the coming weeks and to map these against available capacities.

If you foresee significantly increased shipping and transportation needs in the coming weeks, we encourage you to contact your dedicated team who will assist you with the necessary planning and preparations.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and to ensure that our employees and customers are provided with the necessary information, and that actions required are taken.

We would like to thank you for enabling us to support you through these difficult times and hope that you, your families and colleagues stay safe.

Dave Hands

Managing Director

LTS Global Solutions


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