Why It Makes Sense to Choose A Dedicated Palletised Delivery Network

1 September 2022 | Road & Transport

Is your current method of distribution as efficient as it could be? Palletised delivery networks are the most effective way of transporting and storing a wide range of goods quickly, economically and safely, allowing your business to save time and money. If you are not using a dedicated palletised delivery network, here’s a quick guide to the benefits it brings!

Top benefits of a dedicated palletised delivery network

Saves money – using a dedicated delivery network means you can ship a large number of goods while reducing the risk of damage. Not only that, but the right logistics company can do this at a low cost when compared to other methods of shipping large quantities of goods, such as a local courier. Not only that, but you can also benefit from full and part-load options. Full loads are where consignments fill a truck, increasing efficiency for larger amounts of goods. Part load is where goods share space in the same truck with other businesses, saving money when sending smaller quantities.

Minimises damages – when goods are packed on a pallet, they are stable and secure. Pallets are designed in such a way that they are easy to move using a forklift, while the goods on them are secured with strapping or shrink wrap. Your goods will not fall over during transit, and loading and offloading is a straightforward process.

Efficient – due to the uniform size and shape of palletised freight, handling all types of products is easy. This includes fragile items. Pallets can be offloaded and moved quickly and efficiently, meaning faster collections, deliveries, and warehouse organisation.

Customer satisfaction – using a dedicated palletised delivery network means your consignments will reach their destination securely and on time. This is because all the systems are in place for the smooth organisation of pallet shipments around the country, Europe and beyond. When your customers can rely upon your speedy delivery service, it boosts your reputation and keeps your customers coming back.

What to look for in a dedicated palletised delivery provider

If you have decided to make the change to palletised freight, choosing a reliable logistics company will ensure your shipping operations run smoothly.

At LTS, we have decades of experience in handling palletised freight, and we are proud partners of The Pallet Network (TPN). The TPN makes palletised freight distribution quick and efficient due to the network of 130 depots strategically located across the country. No matter what types of goods you ship, be it fragile or bulky items, we have the facilities to handle them with care.

Whatever the size of your company, we can design a shipping solution that keeps costs low while providing maximum benefits. This could include using full or part loads, timed or next-day deliveries, cost-effective ways to ship to Europe, and other options. We also have advanced tracking systems and secure warehousing, as well as a zero-tolerance policy on loss or damage.

Want to know more about how using palletised delivery can benefit your business? Contact our team today!


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