End To End Supply Chain Provision From LTS Global Solutions

6 March 2019 | Case Studies

Fortoak, the UK’s leading supplier of labels, till rolls, paper bags and speciality raw materials, has built its reputation on exceptional levels of customer service. Supplying an extensive range of premium quality products and services to OEMs, distributors, manufacturers and retailers right across the UK and Ireland, how does Fortoak keep its promises to its diverse customer base?

Alongside the skills and knowledge of an experienced in-house team, Fortoak is helped by a very special partnership which has grown and developed over the years into a sophisticated end-to-end supply chain solution.

Partnership in action

The partnership is with Birmingham-based LTS Global Solutions, and began many years ago as a simple logistics package, moving palletised goods and big ticket items. As Fortoak commenced an outsourcing strategy with carefully selected partner businesses, LTS provided additional warehousing space and container management services to facilitate further growth.

Alex Vergopoulos, CEO for Fortoak Rolls Ltd, explained how the partnership has evolved. “LTS tailored their own strategy around the drive to grow their service portfolio, facilitating our growth,” he said. “For us, the icing on the cake was the establishment of an Ocean division, which enabled the company to take ownership of containers of product coming in from the Far East. Working as a true partnership rather than a more traditional customer/supplier approach has meant that we both understand the individual commercial and operational challenges we face on a day to day basis.”

From landing containers to nationwide distribution

Today, LTS Global Solutions provides Fortoak with a comprehensive suite of services ranging from landing containers through to warehousing and storage, pick and pack and distribution, serving Fortoak’s offices in London, Loughborough and Birmingham.

“The Fortoak solution demonstrates our preferred mode of operation with our customers,” stated Dave Hands, MD for LTS. “We have advanced technology enabling us to share detailed insights into stock levels and products movements, which means our customers can keep their customers fully informed at all stages of the supply chain.”


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