Considering European road freight? Here are our 5 top tips

4 August 2021 | Freight Forwarding

It’s always exciting when you take your business in a new direction, and sending goods to customers throughout Europe is a great way to expand your reach. However, it does mean that transport and logistics need careful consideration, not only so goods arrive safely and securely, but that they are shipped within your timescales and budget. If you have been considering European road freight, here are our top tips!

1. Do your research

If you are shipping to one country, or many, it is important to know that each might have a different set of rules and regulations for customs clearances. Make sure that your consignments have all the relevant paperwork, otherwise, it could cause delays or even be held by customs.

2. Security of Supply

This is always more of a concern when transporting goods between countries, or if goods are being carried on a variety of vehicles. Make sure the carriers you use have robust systems in place to ensure that your consignments are tracked, as well as carefully handled.

3. Bulky, Fragile or Unusual Freight

If your consignments are fragile, require specialist conditions such as chilled or ambient temperatures, or are oversized, you should find a shipping provider that has the facilities to handle these types of goods. This will improve the efficiency and safety of transportation to European countries.

4. Communication with your Shipping Provider

If your consignments are delayed or damaged, you need to know about them straight away. This means that you can communicate with your European customers, informing them when they can expect to receive their goods, and avoid negative feedback or complaints that could affect your business. Make sure the shipping provider you choose can provide you with up-to-date information about your consignments.

5. Use LTS to handle your European Road Freight

There is no doubt that without the appropriate expertise, coordinating European road freight can be a challenge. That is why hiring an expert logistics company like LTS is the best method to get consignments imported or exported.

We use GPS tracking systems, timestamping and electronic proof of delivery, so our customers can follow the progress of their consignments in real-time. This allows them to communicate information to their customers, improving their level of customer service.

In addition to regular shipping options, we also provide a tailored service to meet the need of your business. That means we can accommodate one-off shipments, timed deliveries, fragile or oversized freight and other types of consignment. We have a strong network of European partners and facilities, so we get goods deliveries with care and on time.

If you have been looking for an expert logistics company to handle European road freight, we have years of experience and many happy customers. We always monitor the market so we can find the most cost-effective solutions, and always put the security of supply first.

For more information about our European road freight service, or to see how we can create a bespoke shipping plan for your business, get in touch.


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