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LTS and TPN – Providing Exceptional Palletised Freight Distribution Nationwide

15 December 2020 | Road & Transport

The Pallet Network (TPN) is the UK’s leading distribution network for palletised freight. With over 130 depot locations and three regional hubs, it is the best way to get consignments moved throughout the country, efficiently, and at the lowest costs.

TPN brings many benefits to both the logistics industry and to the businesses that use it. Here’s a quick guide to how it works and why it is considered to be the benchmark for palletised freight distribution.

How TPN Works

TPN has transformed the effectiveness of nationwide distribution by developing a system that gets pallets moved to any area of the country quickly and efficiently.

TPN partners, such as LTS, collect and deliver palletised freight within allocated postcode areas. The consignments are then taken to the nearest regional hub to be cross-docked for their destination.

With three strategically located hubs in Minworth, Preston and Northampton, TPN are in the right place to facilitate a fast, secure service. The main hub at Minworth can simultaneously unload 57 trailers, handles 20,000 pallets per night, and uses artificial intelligence to optimise processes!

By partnering with TPN, LTS can pass on the benefits to our customers.

This includes:

Security of Supply – One of the benefits of working with TPN is the award-winning IT systems it uses. Each consignment is fully labelled and scanned at the hubs and depots, plus our GPS systems mean that they can be tracked at any transit point. Add to that electronic proof of delivery, and you have peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.

Increased Customer Service – Being able to track consignments allows businesses to convey delivery information to their customers, such as advising on delivery times or delays, improving levels of customer service.

Large Freight Capacity – Over-sized freight presents logistical challenges, but not for us! Using TPN dedicated capacity managed service, we can get large or bulky consignments delivered with care and efficiency.

Professional Standards – Every member of TPN undergoes a thorough audit each year to ensure that best practice and professional standards are upheld. This includes a zero-tolerance policy on lost or damaged freight and full traceability. As proud members, we always strive to give excellent customer service and continue to review our processes to see what could be improved.

Environmental – In addition to fast, efficient services, working with TPN enables us to reduce mileage and lower emissions, making the delivery of your consignments kinder to the environment.

TPN is the best way to send palletised freight throughout the UK and Ireland, and also extends its network across Europe. It is a huge advantage to businesses, making any type of palletised consignment easy and simple to get to its destination while maintaining the highest professional standards.

LTS are proud to work with TPN, as it allows us to provide exceptional customer service and be the logistics company businesses can count on. If you are looking for palletised freight services at cost-effective prices, please get in touch with the team!


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