What is full and part-load haulage and how can it improve your business?

8 December 2020 | Road & Transport

Choosing the right haulage option is essential for maximising your business profits, as well as streamlining your processes and enhancing your reputation with customers. The size of your business, the size of your consignments and how regularly they are shipped, are all factors that need to be considered when deciding on full or part-load haulage.

What is full and part-load haulage?

Full-load haulage is suited to businesses who ship large amounts of goods, enough to fill a lorry or container. This means that there is only a single consignment on board. The benefits of this are that with only one shipment to transport, there are fewer stoppages. Security of supply is also increased as there is less handling, and goods from other businesses are not being loaded on or off the vehicle. For reliable and safe transportation of large consignments, full-load haulage is your best bet.

Part-load haulage is where your shipment shares transport space with others. For businesses that need flexibility, this is a good option. Part-load distribution keeps your supply chain moving when your consignments may vary in size or change on a weekly or daily basis. It means you can keep your inventory moving, reducing the need for warehousing. Sharing space means that costs are lower, helping your business deliver to customers using the most cost-effective means.

Whether you choose full or part load delivery, it is important to find a logistics provider that has the expertise, facilities and operational processes that gets the most benefits for your business. When your logistics are running smoothly, you save on unnecessary costs, know that you can count on consignments being delivered on time, and ensure you get repeat business from happy customers.

How working with LTS benefits your business

At LTS, our full and part-load haulage services are there for your business needs. Our streamlined processes ensure that all consignments, no matter what the size, are delivered with care and on time.

We understand that your customers see the delivery process as part of your business, so we use smart looking vehicles and professional drivers to uphold high standards. Not only that, we use modern systems to ensure the security of supply, such as consignment tracking and online proof of delivery.

Every business has its own requirements, and this may fluctuate over time as the demands of the market change. That is why we use the personal approach to really get to know your business. This puts us in the best place to find the most cost-effective solutions for your logistical needs. We also regularly review our processes to see where improvements could be made, again getting the best solutions for our customers.

If you would like to discuss your full or part load haulage requirements, we’d be delighted to hear from you, you can contact us here or call us on 0121 753 0080.


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