How LTS can support your Amazon FBA Business

8 February 2021 | Road & Transport

Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) is a way for businesses to sell on Amazon, by letting them handle the warehousing and deliveries of your products. This has many advantages, especially for small businesses, in that Amazon can provide a European or even world-wide market reach, and can manage the storage of inventory, shipping, customer service and returns.

Selling on Amazon is easy, even for those new to the business, making it an increasingly attractive option for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs. Its e-commerce platform is the most popular in the world, with 197 million customers worldwide using Amazon to shop or search for products. It makes sense for businesses of any size to be selling on Amazon!

So, with Amazon handling all of the order fulfilment process, why would you need a transport service such as LTS? Here’s why!

Sending consignments to Amazon

Amazon fulfilment centres only allow professional carriers to deliver consignments, so whether you need a full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL) or a small amount of palletised freight, LTS have the facilities and processes in place to make everything run smoothly.

We can book your Amazon deliveries via the CARP system on your behalf, saving you the need to schedule your own time slots. Or, you can book a delivery slot yourself and contact us to arrange collection.

Save on costs for Palletised Loads

When you decide to send goods by the pallet-load to Amazon fulfilment centres, it costs less compared to shipping by the box. You simply prepare your pallet as per Amazon guidelines, call us to arrange a collection, and we deliver at the agreed time slot.


If you are looking to expand your Amazon FBA business, want to send larger consignments or have fluctuating levels of demand, LTS has the flexibility to find the most cost-effective solutions. We handle almost any type of consignments, be it oversized goods or fragile,and you can be sure that your products arrive at their destination in exactly the same condition as when they were collected.

The Pallet Network (TPN)

LTS vehicle in TPN livery

Because we are part of The Pallet Network (TPN), we offer a first-class distribution service nationwide. TPN have an excellent distribution network with over 120 depos, allowing consignments to be moved efficiently and quickly. Not only that, but you always know where your consignments are thanks to our electronic tracking systems, such as GPS on our vehicles, and TPN’s award-winning Connect IT system means you always have all pallet information ready to view. If any issues or queries arise, they are logged on the TPN Connect system, so they can clearly be viewed by different depots, and your own staff, so they can be resolved quickly.

If you are in the early stages of growing your Amazon FBA business or are looking for new ways to keep up with demand, we can help. With LTS, you can provide your Amazon customers with fast deliveries, making use of Amazon’s Prime next day service. If you are looking for ways to make your Amazon fulfilment easier and more cost-effective for your business, get in touch today!


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