How LTS is Helping Businesses Bounce Back after Covid-19

10 June 2020 | LTS News

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has hit businesses hard. Never before has such widespread disruption across all sectors been seen, and although we have now thankfully turned a corner, it is likely to take some time before businesses can run like before. Indeed, if ‘normal service’ is at all possible.

With very few exceptions, most businesses will have had to make changes to how they operate, and some of those changes will continue going forward. Many will be facing fresh business challenges as we emerge from the crisis, and with new coronavirus rules and restrictions in place, it makes those challenges even tougher.

At LTS, we want to reassure our clients, and those who are looking to work with us, that we’re working harder than ever to be the logistics company you can rely on in these unprecedented times. We commit to working in an upfront manner, and to give the best possible advice and service with our transport solutions.

Our drivers have been fully trained in managing collections and deliveries with new rules regarding coronavirus. You can be assured that we take health safety measures when dealing with you, handling goods, and when delivering to customers, to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This includes:

  • Keeping at least two metres away from others, wherever possible.
  • Following guidelines for washing hands and ensuring hand sanitiser or soap is available in the cab.
  • Providing and using PPE where required and following guidance on how to remove and dispose of them without contamination.
  • At both the start and end of shifts, all cab surfaces are wiped down. This includes steering wheel, gearstick, dashboard, handles, and any other surfaces where the virus could make contact with a person.

When we arrive for delivery to your customers, as well as following any site guidelines, we are taking added safety measures because of the contamination risks involved in the signing of paperwork. Alterative options available include:

  • Customers can send you/your company an email to confirm delivery.
  • Drivers can use their phone or tablet to provide photographic evidence of delivery.
  • If a signature is required, we ask customers to use their own pen to sign, rather than sharing.

It is still early days in the economic recovery from coronavirus, and it is still fraught with uncertainty. As a company, you may be looking at ways to maintain or increase revenue, and this means diversifying, looking at new sales channels to explore, and a re-evaluation of operations throughout. Businesses may be experiencing a backlog of demand, perhaps due to staffing shortages, disruptions to the supply chain, or the lack of reliable transport solutions during coronavirus.

While these past few months have been an unnerving time, it may just be the opportunity many businesses need to adapt and change for the better and become stronger for it.

At LTS Global Solutions, we want you to know that, however you plan to move forward, we’re here to serve your logistic, transport and shipping needs.

Now it’s time to get your business moving again. Call our team today to find out more on how we can work together, safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, as we move on from the economic effects of coronavirus.


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