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Importing and Exporting – LTS Global Solutions give you their shipper’s guide

5 October 2021 | Freight Forwarding

Global shipping is no longer the domain of large enterprises. Now, smaller companies and entrepreneurs can get in on the action, and create a lucrative business on an international scale. This is all made possible due to the increased availability of importing and exporting, making it much easier for smaller businesses to reach a worldwide customer base, even on a small budget.

Methods of Transport

Global shipping can be done using road, sea or air freight, or a combination of methods, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. For example, one of the most economical ways to import or export consignments is by sea, however, it can take longer to reach a destination than road or air.

Airfreight is fast and secure, but is only suitable for low volumes or lightweight goods and is more expensive than road or sea freight.

Road freight often creates a balance between speed, cost and security, yet may not be suitable for the needs of every business.

Usually, a combination of transport is required, and this means having the organisational skills to coordinate each collection and delivery along the way, and ensuring the security of supply.

Why should you consider importing and exporting for your business?

  • Increase your brand reach – By shipping internationally, your business gains new customers in different countries. With each market having its own set of needs, your business can grow in a new direction to meet them. Not only can this increase profits, but it sets your brands up as a global player on the world stage.
  • Lower costs – you can reduce some of your business costs when importing goods from other countries, as parts and labour costs may be lower. This is especially relevant to manufacturing industries.
  • Competitive edge – using local resources in other countries may be able to give your business advantages against competitors. For example, sourcing local materials, using local labour or technology may reduce costs and make your business more efficient.

Increasing your customer base into new countries means you are not relying on a particular market, providing a safety net should demand in one area become lower. Not only that, but operating worldwide adds status and professionalism, improving your brand image and attracting even more customers.

How to begin importing and exporting

The best way to begin with importing and exporting is to source a transport and logistics company that knows its way around the world! At LTS, we have decades of knowledge to find the most cost-effective ways to ship goods around the globe, using a variety of transport options.

Our robust network means we can ship many types of goods, always with the security of supply at the top of the agenda. We work with our customers to understand their business, and can design a bespoke shipping service to meet their precise needs.

If you are ready to expand your business internationally, were here to make that process run smoothly. Get in touch with us for more advice on importing and exporting, and let us find the best solutions for your business!


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