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Levolux Case Study

7 August 2014 | Case Studies

Putting The Competition In The Shade!

The Client:
Levolux has over 160 years’ experience in the design, project management, manufacture, installation and maintenance of sunscreening systems. The company offers a wide range of products designed to control light, heat and glare, whilst providing many valuable benefits in terms of occupier comfort and energy savings. Levolux provides both standard and bespoke solutions for existing and new buildings for both interior and exterior applications, utilising current capabilities and the emerging possibilities of building technology.

The Requirement:
For Levolux, operating nationally from a number of manufacturing sites, fast and reliable product distribution is an important issue. Transportation is not always a straightforward A to B requirement; product may be moved in stillages between production and powder coating plants, or direct to client sites. In addition, the nature of the product means that specialist equipment such as flatbeds or hi abs is often required, and damage limitation is also an important issue.

The Solution:
LTS Global Solutions is proud to have worked successfully with Levolux for over a decade, handling the majority of product movements covering a defined geographical area in and around the Midlands. The company provides a range of services in line with Levolux’s developing requirements, using both company vehicles and specialist transportation sourced to meet the challenges of individual product shipments. Flexibility is key to the success of this contract; volumes can fluctuate significantly, and LTS’s ability to respond swiftly to changing demand plays an important role in the smooth running of the logistics operation.

The Testimonial
With a decade of successful collaboration between Levolux and LTS, the company professes itself to be very happy with the contribution made by LTS. “We have been working together for long enough to have a full understanding of each other’s needs,” stated a representative for Levolux. “LTS are able to satisfy our specific requirements professionally and reliably, even in terms of sourcing specialist equipment for certain shipments. The length of our relationship underlines the quality of the service!”


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