The top 5 ways palletised freight can streamline your business

3 November 2021 | Road & Transport

A pallet is a simple but clever way to move volumes of goods from A to B. Made from wood, plastic or metal, a pallet is a strong but lightweight platform onto which goods can be placed and secured. The gaps in a pallet’s structure are the perfect size for forklifts, so moving them on and off trucks or within warehouses is easy. For this reason, palletised freight is the most popular way of transporting goods. Here are the top five ways palletised freight can streamline your business.

1. Reduces time spent loading and off-loading

Without a pallet, goods need to be moved on and off vehicles and stored in warehousing one box at a time. Pallets allow goods to be moved in bulk, considerably reducing the time it takes to fill or empty a truck and makes storing of consignments efficient.

2. Best use of space

Pallets are stackable, so they allow more vertical space to be used either inside vehicles or warehousing. This means savings can be made on shipping costs, as fewer shipments need to be made to send the same volume of goods. It also makes organising shipments easier, as space can be calculated in advance.

3. Lowers risk of damages

A well-wrapped pallet of goods is less likely to become damaged than loose boxes. Goods are secure when in transit, as well as when on or off-loaded and stored. This means that you won’t lose money replacing damaged items, customers won’t be disappointed with their purchases, and they will return to buy from your business again.

4. Efficient distribution network

There are distribution networks in place that make palletised freight fast and efficient. One example is The Pallet Network (TPN), which has strategically placed regional hubs and depots that allow for a range of delivery options such as timed and next day, while reducing the milage of vehicles on the road. This means your customers can rely on your company to get their goods delivered reliably and consistently.

5. Lowers Costs

All of the benefits of using pallets to ship freight lead to one, over-arching benefit, and that is lowering costs. The many ways in which palletised freight can streamline your business bring the added benefit of lessening the cost involved in other types of shipping, increasing your bottom line. These savings could be used to invest in other projects that grow your business further.

Why LTS is your perfect partner for palletised freight

At LTS, our experience in the haulage industry counts. We are proud members of TPN, so we can pass those benefits onto our customers. Whatever the size of your business, we can create a tailored shipping solution that helps keep costs low while bringing maximum benefits. That could mean using full or part load consignments, timed or next day deliveries, cost-effective ways to ship to Europe and more.

If you would like to know more about using LTS for palletised freight, get in touch on 0121 753 0080!


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