LTS talk Pallets – Here’s the Ultimate Guide

21 April 2021 | Road & Transport

We’ve all seen palletised goods in distribution, it is a staple way of packaging goods for transit. But, why are pallets are used and how do they benefit both businesses and logistics companies? It’s time to talk pallets! Here are some of the top benefits.

Durable – usually made from wood, pallets are a strong but lightweight platform on which goods can be carried. Some pallets are made from plastic or metal, which can offer more lightweight durability. The stability of a well-packaged pallet means that goods are protected and damage is minimised.

Uniform Size and Shape – pallets have a standard footprint size of 100 x 120cm that makes them easy to store and move. This means that hauliers can calculate exactly the amount of space pallets will take up on vehicles, or when stored in warehouses. The gaps at the base of a pallet are designed for forklifts, so they can be moved quickly and safely. When arriving at a destination, pallets can be loaded and unloaded from trucks efficiently.

Convenient – pallets are cheap and easy to come by, and because of the uniform sizes there are often standard shipping prices, allowing businesses to plan ahead. For perishable goods that require cool temperatures, it is easier to maintain the optimal conditions when goods are packaged on pallets, so they stay fresh for longer.

Environmentally Friendly – pallets made from plastic or metal can be recycled once they wear out. Wooden pallets can also be used for many purposes and there is a market for DIY upcycling projects using old pallets. Wood is a carbon-neutral, natural material that will eventually compost down. Plus, the efficiency of using palletised freight brings more environmental benefits, such as reduced mileage on the roads and fewer emissions.

Since the invention of the pallet, the logistics industry has never looked back! This highly portable method of shipping not only makes distributing goods easier, but there is a whole range of infrastructure and facilities designed around moving palletised freight. By working with partners such as The Pallet Network (TPN,) sending and receiving palletised freight nationwide, or abroad, is also fast and efficient.


LTS is a member of The Pallet Network, meaning we can take advantage of the facilities and infrastructure they have in place, so we can pass those benefits on to our customers. This includes a network of central and regional hubs, hi-tech tracking systems, and a zero-tolerance policy on loss or damage.

Sending palletised freight with LTS is fast, efficient and you can be sure that your consignments are in good hands from collection to delivery. Even fragile, bulky or heavy pallets are no problem, thanks to our years of industry experience and dedicated facilities.

At LTS, we always look for the best solutions and the lowest prices for our customers. Your business is our business, so we offer bespoke services to meet your exact needs. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to send palletised consignments, our team are here to help! Contact us today.


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