4 Reasons to Use a Heavy Goods Vehicle: The Business Owner’s Guide

20 November 2018 | Road & Transport

While lots of consumers prefer the treat of free shipping, it’s not always as easy a decision for companies as it might seem to consumers.

When you cover shipping costs as a company, you could be taking a huge bite out of your profit margins. Instead of losing money on every sale, you could consider getting a heavy goods vehicle and start taking the delivery business into your own hands.

Let’s look at four reasons why you should consider operating an HGV for your business.

1. Transporting Dense Products

While some people think that a heavy goods vehicle is what’s required for transporting large goods, it’s also important for denser goods. Paper goods can be stacked up economically and neatly, only to be profoundly heavy and too much for a pickup truck.

Lots of other products, like groceries and dense liquids, can seem light when on their own but can add up in weight quickly. If you’re moving products all across the country, you need a vehicle that can handle the pallets of products you’re going to be transporting.

If you’re distributing weighty materials, a heavy goods vehicle is what you need.

2. Cover Your Whole Market

When you’re running an enterprise or operation that spreads across a large area, you need a vehicle that can transport your products securely. If you pay to ship heavy items, you could rack up the cost of a heavy goods vehicle in no time at all.

When you’re paying to ship heavier goods, you’re paying for space on someone else’s heavy goods vehicle. If you want to get your goods onto the market when you need them, a vehicle that can handle it all could make your workflow more efficient.

3. They’re More Efficient

One vehicle carrying everything you need for a route is far more efficient than sending several vehicles out and back. If you have a single distribution centre, you need to get your vehicles out from that centre to deliver products across a large distance.

Sending via a heavy goods transportation vehicle will save you time and money. Rather than making your clients wait for the next shipment, you can have a steady flow of goods out to them.

4. Pick up and Drop Off

While you might have light or small products to deliver, you could use your vehicle to rent out space for drop shipments to other companies – known as back loads. While you’re on the way to drop off your goods, you could very well pick up goods for someone else. This way, you’d be optimising your fuel costs and maybe even making some extra profit.

If you agree to pick up and deliver products to another company, you can build a valuable and powerful relationship based on how you operate to help each other.

Why Use a Company Like LTS for A Heavy Goods Vehicle

Whether you use your heavy goods vehicle to transport your own products or to make a little extra profit on the side, it’s a huge investment. There are also significant operational and legal requirements to consider. With the help of a logistics company, you can get the best out of HGVs without bearing the cost. A company like LTS can provide you with the right heavy goods vehicle and other delivery services to meet all your logistics requirements.


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