Considering shipping by air freight? We give you the top tips

8 November 2020 | Freight Forwarding

If you use worldwide shipping, you may have considered air freight as an option. As with any mode of transportation, there are pros and cons to weigh up, yet there may be some surprising benefits to using air freight that you may not have thought of. Here are some of our top tips on why air freight could be the right choice for your business.

Security for high-value consignments

If you send high-value goods worldwide, you can’t beat air freight for security. Compared to other modes of transport, there is less handling of goods and less storage needed. It is also easy to track where your consignments are. This security makes it less likely for goods to get damaged or lost, which is especially important if high value.

Fast transit times

One of the main advantages of using air freight is that a consignment reaches its destination within a matter of hours or days, compared to the weeks or months that it could take by sea or road.


Flights are regularly scheduled, so you know the arrival and departure times well in advance. Depending on the destination, there may also be several flights available per day, allowing you to choose the best timing.

Access remote destinations

Sending consignments to remote areas or smaller countries can take a lengthy amount of time by sea or road. Even remote areas can be reached by air, ensuring the delivery of goods, and in good time.

Lowers some costs

Consignments sent by air freight typically need less packaging, and that could save you money. However, one thing to note is that your cargo measurements need to be exact, otherwise you may incur extra charges.
Compared to other modes of shipping, warehouse storage costs are lower. This is because the quickness of transit means there is less need to store goods in different places along the way. These savings may offset the initial expense of using air freight, making it worthwhile.

Consolidation options

If you have a low volume of goods, you can share cargo space with consignments from other businesses. This way you can still benefit from fast transit times, yet at a lower cost.

Additional transport

When shipping by air, other forms of transport are likely to be needed, for instance, to take your consignment to and from airports, to storage facilities or through to delivery to customers. Unless you use a third-party provider to oversee this, you will need to add this into your planning.

LTS have the expertise and contacts to handle your air freight shipping, whether it is for import or export, or for single or regular consignments. If you require a combination of air, road or sea freight to create the optimal balance between cost and transit time, we have the knowledge and contacts at hand to get the job done.

From completing the paperwork and customs clearances to consolidated air freight and more, we pride ourselves on finding the best, most reliable solutions for your business. Get in touch for more information on air freight options.

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