Rail Freight


Rail Freight

    International rail freight boasts one-third of the air freight costs yet twice as fast as the ocean freight. With the advancement of China’s Belt and Road Initiative; the operation of China Railway Express is truly a rapid logistics channel between Asia and Europe.

    We are committed to providing you with international rail freight solutions to Europe/Central Asia/Far East and major cities in Russia through our preferred transshipment services.

    China – Europe Rail Freight

    In recent years, China Railway has shipped freight through the famous Silk Road railway that connects 12,000 kilometres of track via the Trans-Siberian Railway, therefore allowing both importers and exporters to ship to and from China in a fast and cost-effective way.

    There are two key rail links / routes: the first one starts in the north of China and connects with the famous Trans-Siberian (Russia), the second goes west through Kazakhstan before catching up with the Trans-Siberian Railway in Yekaterinburg, which is a key junction for rail freight in the Western part. In addition, these routes provide logistics solutions for the shipment of oversized shipments.

    Rail Freight
    Rail Map

    Advantages of Rail Freight

    • Reduced transit time when compared to ocean transportation.
    • Reduced cost when compared to Air transportation.
    • Faster clearance process.
    • Quicker customs process.

    There are currently various rail links between China and Europe. Routes running through Poland connect Antwerp and Duisburg with Chongqing, as well as Hamburg and Zhengzhou. Carriages on these routes are usually longer and carry about 250 containers.

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