Starting an E-Commerce Business in 2021? Read These Expert Tips First

12 January 2021 | Warehouse Logistics

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many people out of jobs and is changing the way we think about employment. Although there are restrictions still in place, 2021 could be the best time to start your own business, especially in e-commerce.

An e-commerce business does not rely on bricks and mortar premises. Instead, it is an online business that can sell both products and services. The joy of an e-commerce business is that it can run 24/7, there are few overheads, and should we face further coronavirus restrictions in the future, your business will always be able to take orders from customers. But before you dive in, there are some top tips to help you navigate the world of e-commerce.

Understand your Target Market

For any e-commerce business to be a success, it has to cater to the specific needs of its customers. It may sound obvious, but so often businesses struggle because owners or managers sell products they believe their customers want, rather than products that will make a difference to them. Another thing to remember is that customer needs will evolve over time, so research is key to creating a product range that continues to sell.

Amaze Visitors with your Online Store

Your home page is your shop window, so it needs to be inviting and make people want to look at your products. Your online store should be easy to navigate and easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Contact information gives customers peace of mind, and a sign-up form to gather email addresses gives you the chance to sell to the same customers in the future through email marketing. To create a website, you can either go for it yourself with an e-commerce template or hire a website designer.

Customer Service

Online shopping can often mean that the traditional, personal touch is gone. However, with a good customer relations management system (CRM), your customers will always feel special. Good communication, such as regular updates on order progress, estimated delivery times, and customer aftercare emails keep your customers informed from placing their order to delivery, and after they have received their products.

Efficient Logistics

Managing your inventory and getting orders shipped to your customers is another aspect of running an e-commerce business that is essential to get right. Not only will a smooth operation mean your customers get their goods on time, but careful planning means you avoid any unnecessary costs.

Using a third-party logistics provider, such as LTS, can streamline your processes and take the hassle out of organising shipping. Whether it is bringing goods or raw materials to your business, or sending goods outwards, we have state of the art warehousing facilities, efficient picking and packing, reliable transportation and tracking of every consignment.

LTS are proud to have an excellent reputation in the haulage industry, and we always strive to deliver the best service for our customers. If you are looking for a third-party logistics provider for your e-commerce business, please get in touch with our team!


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