Looking to take your business worldwide? LTS gives you their top tips on what to look out for

17 August 2021 | Freight Forwarding

Expanding your business to reach a global audience is always exciting, not to mention lucrative when done with careful planning. Yet, it is essential to get the proper systems in place in order to maximise revenue and keep costs low. Shipping and logistics is just one area that could either cost you more time and money or save it. Here are our top tips for taking your business worldwide!

1. Rules and Regulations between Countries

Thanks to Brexit, importing and exporting to European countries has now become more of a minefield. There is more paperwork and legislation to adhere to, and each country may have its own rules for shipments.

As for other parts of the world, one country’s rules may be very different from another. Depending on the nature of your consignments, special permissions may be required. If in doubt, seek advice before sending goods. Getting paperwork accurate is also essential in avoiding customs delays and making sure your goods arrive on time.

2. Localise your Website

When shopping online, most people prefer to buy from a website that has content relevant to their country and culture. This includes using local currency when pricing goods, making sure language on your website is correctly translated for the target country, and product and shipping information is clear to understand.

When customers are shopping on a website that feels familiar, it is immediately deemed more trustworthy, so localising your website is essential in gaining new sales from other countries.

3. Know your Competition

To make more of your business overseas, check out your competitors in each country and see what it is that makes them popular. Is it their customer service, fast shipments, or quality products? Take note of what makes your competitors stand out, and make your own version.

4. Use an Experienced Shipping Company

It’s a busy time when you are expanding your business, so one of the best tips is to hand over your logistics to an experienced worldwide shipping company.

At LTS, we have the experience and a robust worldwide network to ship any kind of consignment by road, ocean or air, or a combination of transport. We can tailor a solution that best meets the exact needs of your business, as well as your budget.

When shipping worldwide, you may have concerns over the security of supply. However, we use tracking systems, timestamping, electronic proof of delivery and more, so you always know where your consignments are. This also allows you to communicate information to your customers.

We know that when first branching out into new territory, it can be a learning curve for a business owner or management team. That’s why flexibility is important. Our tailored shipping means you always get the most cost-effective way to transport goods between countries, whether you ship a single consignment, need consolidated freight, or frequent or one-off shipments.

If you have questions about shipping worldwide, we’re ready to answer! Feel free to get in touch.


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