The Top 5 Advantages of using Sea Freight with LTS

11 May 2021 | Freight Forwarding

Sea freight is the most popular way to transport consignments around the globe. Goods are loaded onto ships in one country and set off to reach other places using oceans, seas and other waterways. While it may not be the fastest method, it is the best way to transport large quantities of goods, as well as oversized cargo, in a cost-effective way.

At LTS, we offer sea freight services to provide our customers with options that meet their business needs. Here’s a quick guide to the advantages of using sea freight with LTS!

  1. Keeps Costs Low – sea freight is economical, and at LTS we can design a service based upon your individual needs. We have a worldwide network of reliable partners to get your consignments to their destinations, always with security and budget in mind.
  2. Multi-Modal Operator – LTS can use a variety of transport to get your goods delivered. Shipping by ocean means offloading at a port, and from there we can arrange other modes of transport to reach the final destination. A combination of transport means you get the best services to suit your needs, and we always prioritise the security of supply.
  3. Multiple Sea Freight Solutions – We operate using all the major shipping carriers on global routes, so we can find the space and equipment your consignments need once they reach the port and beyond.  
  4. Tracking Systems – Our tracking systems mean that you always have information to hand about where your consignments are – right from collection through to delivery. You can get this information through a dedicated point of contact, or by logging in to our online portal.
  5. Expert Sea Freight Team – When shipping goods across the oceans, you want to be in the hand of experts. We have a sea freight team to handle every part of your shipping, whether it is a single pallet or full container load, ensuring the correct documentation is in place, and arranging other modes of transport once your goods are offloaded at the port. With our knowledge, we aim to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions every step of the way.

Sea freight is here to stay. With ships conveniently stacked with containers, it offers an easy way to transport goods using a range of transport. Containers can be offloaded at the port and seamlessly carried by truck or rail to a destination. Most of the world’s commodities have travelled by ocean. Whether it is shipping products, parts or raw materials, sea freight is an essential part of the global economy and gives businesses a method of reaching customers in far-off countries.

If you have been considering using sea freight for your business but are not sure how to start, or perhaps you want to hand over the details to an experienced team who can take care of it for you, LTS is the go-to logistics company for all your sea freight needs. For more on how we can help your business send goods overseas, feel free to contact us!


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