Top 5 reasons to use Ocean Freight and how LTS Global Solutions can help!

16 March 2021 | Freight Forwarding

When shipping goods internationally, choosing the right mode of transport can make a big difference in efficiency and costs. Transportation by road, rail, sea and air has advantages and disadvantages, and weighing up what works out best for your business overall is essential.

Ocean freight is the largest method of transporting good worldwide, with an estimated 90% of the world’s commodities having travelled by ship. It is an economical way to send large volumes of good overseas, making it an attractive option for businesses that want to keep costs low. Here are the top five benefits of using ocean freight:

1. Low Cost

Compared to other modes of transport, ocean freight is by far the cheapest way to send consignments over long distances. This is especially useful when sending large quantities, bulky or heavy loads. For smaller consignments, there are options to share containers with other businesses and further save on shipping costs.

2. Convenient

Using well-established shipping routes, options for full containers or less-than-full containers, or options for oversized consignments make ocean freight a convenient and efficient way to send or receive goods or raw materials internationally.

3. Carry different types of cargo

This method of shipping allows for a wide variety of cargo to be shipped safely. Ports have space and facilities to handle large containers with ease. Ships can also transport items such as vehicles, industrial machinery or large-sized construction materials.

4. Safety

Maritime safety is taken seriously, and a ship’s crew are generally well trained in dealing with many different materials, as well as making sure rules and regulations are upheld. This makes ocean freight the safest way to transport goods and hazardous materials, including chemicals.

5. Environmentally friendly

Using ocean freight means your business has a lower carbon footprint than if it used other modes of transportation. Ships move large amounts of goods in a way that uses fewer fossil fuels than road or air freight, so is kinder to the environment.

Ocean freight is one of the oldest methods of moving goods and commodities, and it is still the most popular. At LTS, we have a team of ocean freight experts to help our customers get the most cost-effective solutions.

Our dedicated sea freight team is here to consult with you on ocean freight options and can handle everything from collection to delivery. From full container loads to single pallets, goods that require environments such as chilled or ambient, or any other consignments that require extra care, we have the expertise and knowledge to move any consignment securely.

Our network of reliable partners operates from strategic locations worldwide, allowing us to move goods efficiently, with minimal disruptions and at the lowest costs. We also provide a dedicated point of contact for communication, and you can also track your shipment using our online portal.

For worldwide imports and exports, or cross trade movements between countries, we can provide a package that benefits you. For more on our ocean freight services, get in touch today Email: Phone: 0121 7530080.


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