Transport Solutions – Why Lorry Drivers are the Front-line of Customer Service

6 March 2020 | General, Road & Transport

When you are looking for transport solutions, it makes sense to take a close look at all the services on offer to make sure your business needs will be met. But, there is one key aspect that is often overlooked, and it can make all the difference to how customers view your brand. It may surprise you, but the lorry driver who delivers your goods is on the frontline of customer service. Here’s why:

The First Impression

When a driver gets to a destination, be it a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, construction site or a retailer, they are the face of a business. First impressions count, and a friendly driver puts customers at ease.

In fact, with customer account creation and order placements often done online or over the phone, the lorry driver may well be the only real face of a business that a customer sees. Any experience a customer has with the lorry driver reflects back on the business they deal with, so a driver’s positive attitude and customer service skills are essential.

Dealing with Customer Questions and Complaints

There are many reasons why a customer might ask question or complain to a lorry driver. Why was the delivery late? Is there something missing? Do they have any information about X, Y or Z? Who should they contact if they need to sort out an issue? Sometimes a driver may have to deal with a difficult customer who is angry.

A good lorry driver has diplomatic skills and a friendly attitude that helps customers to find answers or solutions, and can neutralise a tense situation and prevent it from escalating.

Sorting Paperwork

Accepting receipt of palletised deliveries, inspecting packaging for damages and making sure accurate quantities are present, creates procedures and paperwork between the driver and customer. Liaising with customers to get paperwork filled in and signed off is another reason why lorry drivers are an essential part of good customer service.

Creates more Opportunities for Sales

The customer experience doesn’t stop once they have placed an order. The interaction they have with the driver when taking a delivery can have an impact on whether that customer becomes a repeat buyer. Not only that, but a driver who knows the services well could upsell or create new sales opportunities, all with a friendly chat.

A lorry driver may work on a single contract, or several. They may be part of a company that manages the delivery of goods from many businesses. As such, a lorry driver is an ambassador for the customer they are working on behalf of, as well as an ambassador for their own employer, if different.

Along with being responsible for the efficient and safe delivery of goods, lorry drivers are an essential part of customer service. When you look into transport solutions for your business, take the opportunity to ask your provider as to how they equip their drivers to be the friendly face of a brand. It could make all the difference to your business reputation and your bottom line.

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