Using LTS to Streamline your Amazon Delivery Process

16 July 2020 | Road & Transport

Amazon sellers know the importance of fast, efficient shipping. Amazon customers expect frequent stock and fast delivery times, and businesses unable to fulfil that may see themselves losing out to those that can.

At LTS, we know the value of efficient delivery processes. We have been part of TPN, The Pallet Network, since 2015. TPN is the leading pallet network in the UK and in 2019 was awarded Multimodal’s Pallet Network of the Year Award.

Being part of the TPN allows us to offer first-class distribution service for palletised freight. With unrivalled postcode coverage and 130 depot locations, we provide an efficient exercise while reducing unnecessary mileage and emissions.

Here’s how LTS and TPN work with Amazon to achieve a streamlined delivery process for your business.

Efficient Delivery Booking

Amazon deliveries are booked in via the CARP system on your behalf, by adding: 

  • The correct Amazon fulfilment centre
  • Freight type
  • Load Type
  • Date & Time
  • BOL list reference
  • Vendor Name
  • Purchase Order number

LTS then receives an email from Amazon confirming the delivery slot and time. This is entered into TPN connect in the booking time box and also into the notes. We then double check that all FBA, PO and FC details are correct which gives you all your pallet information at your fingertips.

Top Questions about our Amazon Service

What is the standard response time frame for service / issue enquiries?

Response is immediate to issues; Drivers are held at the delivery point for 20 minutes to allow a customer to resolve an immediate issue, TPN connect captures full details within the consignment detail along with providing the medium to deal with any queries.

How are issues / enquiries logged (i.e. email, webchat, phone call etc.)?

Regardless as to how the query was raised all issues are logged via TPN connect system this also has a messaging facility between depots, notes are placed against the job to provide a clear audit trail. These notes can also be viewed by your staff.

How many delivery attempts will be made in the event of a failed delivery?

As many as required to achieve the delivery, however, all LTS / TPN non-fault attempts are chargeable, issues should be resolved before an additional attempt is made to minimise the risk of a second failed attempt.

What is your relationship with Amazon (e.g. preferred carrier, tier status etc.), and what is the impact of this?

Neither LTS nor TPN are a preferred carrier with Amazon, we do however have fixed slot agreements with all FDCs. There is no negative impact on not being a preferred carrier as only one pallet network has preferred carrier status and the delivery process is exactly the same.

If you use partners for delivery, how is the Amazon relationship and booking in process impacted by this?

We only use TPN members to deliver the product to Amazon
Key relationships are formed with local delivery depots
Consolidation agreements are in place with all FDCs
We mirror the Amazon process across all depots to ensure consistency

Amazon’s success is due to great customer experience, part of which is fast delivery times. The company is enjoying exponential growth, and in the UK alone sales have doubled since 2013. The UK also has the highest number of Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe.

As Amazon continues its growth worldwide, LTS is here to help your business benefit by making palletised deliveries a simple, efficient service.

Get in touch today for more about how LTS can streamline your Amazon consignments.


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