What is end-to-end distribution, and how does it benefit your Business?

23 February 2022 | Freight Forwarding

End-to-end (E2E) distribution is a fully integrated supply chain process that sees the movement of goods, or several types of goods, from start to finish. The main difference between E2E distribution and traditional supply chains is that it is the journey is handled as one process, rather than many separate processes. Depending on the type of business, it may include raw material acquisition, production and storage of products, and delivery of the completed orders to the customer. It could also include product returns.

What are the benefits of end-to-end distribution?

Provided all the components of E2E distribution run like clockwork, one of the main benefits it brings is a streamlined supply chain. However, that can only happen with careful planning and having each part of the supply chain ‘visible’ in real-time. For example, having a delay at one point will have a knock-on effect throughout, so being able to track movements is essential to manage any possible issues that could affect the chain and your bottom line.

Using E2E distribution benefits businesses as the streamlined approach reduces the waste of time, energy and money. It also helps businesses build stronger customer and supplier relationships, and a good reputation, as communicating essential information is easier.

Why choose LTS as your end-to-end distributer?

Successful E2E distribution relies upon many different factors working holistically together, so an experienced service provider is vital. At LTS, our team are experts in moving goods across the globe, be it imports, exports or cross-trades between countries.

We distinguish ourselves by taking the time to understand your business and offer solutions that work for you. We handle anything from single pallet deliveries and short-term storage to international freight operations and just-in-time (JIT) delivery. No matter what the size and shape of freight, we have the facilities to handle it with care. That includes goods that require temperature control, fragile goods and oversized or heavy freight.

As a multi-model operator, we can combine the advantages of air, road and sea transport to find the right balance of cost, speed and efficiency for your business. We also have a policy of continuing to monitor our processes, so if along the line we find a better way of doing things, we can implement those changes that further improve your supply chain.

At LTS, we understand the delicate nature of supply chain management and E2E distribution. That’s why we use advanced tracking systems, so our customers know where their consignments are at all times. This allows you to communicate information effectively with customers and suppliers and gives you peace of mind that your goods are secure.

If you have been considering E2E distribution but are not sure where to start, or if you are looking for a reliable provider, get in touch. Our team are here to listen to your requirements and draw up a plan that will work for your business. Call or drop us a line today!


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