What You Need to Know When Sending Pallets to Amazon

27 April 2021 | Road & Transport

Have you just started selling on Amazon, or thinking about expanding your business reach through the world’s most popular sales platform? Congratulations, you are paving the way to business success! Amazon makes it easy to reach customers nationwide, Europe-wide, or even further afield. However, to make the most of your Amazon seller experience, there are a few things to know when sending your pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres. Here’s a quick guide to some frequently asked questions!

Why use pallets?

Sending pallet loads of goods is a cheaper and safer option than sending multiple parcels. A well-packaged pallet means your goods will arrive in perfect condition and you can send larger quantities at cost-effective prices for your business.

What size pallets can I send to Amazon?

Amazon accepts standard 1 x 1.2m, four-way access pallets. Each pallet can be packed to a height of 0.6m (quarter pallet), 1m (half pallet) or 1.7m (full pallet), and stretch-wrapped in clear wrapping. Don’t forget to put the correct labelling information on it. Amazon should advise you about labelling details when you become a seller.

What happens when pallets are delivered to Amazon fulfilment centres?

Once a pallet is delivered during a pre-arranged time slot, it is offloaded and goods are available for sale in just a few days.

Can I deliver pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres myself?

No, Amazon only uses approved carriers for delivery to their fulfilment centres. Using a reliable company like LTS makes the whole process hassle-free!

How LTS supports business with FBA

Whether you need a truckload or less-than-truckload delivery service to Amazon fulfilment centres, LTS is the logistics company that makes sending consignments effortless. All that is needed is for sellers to book their delivery slot at their preferred Amazon fulfilment centre, and call us to arrange a collection of pallets. Don’t worry, we use advanced tracking systems so you can monitor the progress of your consignments, so you know where they are and when they have been delivered to Amazon.

As members of THE Pallet Network (TPN), we have a network of regional distribution depots at our disposal so we can get your consignments to your preferred fulfilment centre fast. This top-rated network means palletised freight can be moved to any nationwide destination with the most efficiency, so you get quick delivery times and less mileage for your consignments.

At LTS, we are known for a reliable service and careful handling of goods, and our fast collection and deliveries mean that you can offer that all-important next day delivery service to Amazon Prime members.

There are so many advantages of expanding your customer reach through being an Amazon seller, so don’t let thinking about the logistics hold you back. If you want more detailed advice on shipping to Amazon fulfilment centres, or how we can help support your Amazon FBA business, our experts are here to answer your questions. Send an email, or give us a call 0121 753 0080 today!


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