Why Are HGV’s and Distribution Services Vital For the UK Industry?

9 April 2018 | Road & Transport

Specialist companies provide distribution services, or pallet delivery services. These companies collect and distribute pallets for goods from businesses around the UK.

Even in the midst of a driver shortage, the domestic freight industry grew in 2017. Analysts predict that it will continue growth in 2018.

Pallet delivery requires the use of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s) to transport loads of that size. Here’s a look at why HGVs and domestic distribution services are vital for the industry in the UK, now more than ever.

Distribution Services as Intermediaries

As intermediaries, pallet distributors apply the manufacturer’s marketing and sales initiatives. They also deliver customer feedback to the manufacturer.

Some also offer add-on services like stock management. They may also share the cost of storage and promotion.

Benefits of Distribution Channels

Selling directly to the customer is not always efficient. Using intermediaries improves this efficiency. It allows for a better product assortment and makes transactions routine.

Streamlines Communication

It also streamlines the lines of communication. The distributor represents several manufacturers. Because of this, customers have a single point of contact for multiple products.

Offers Customers a Greater Variety of Products

Distributors also bridge the gap between the goods produced and those that are in demand.

Manufacturers produce in large quantities of like products. Consumers want smaller quantities with a wide selection.

Distribution services often include allocating and sorting products. This way, the end customer receives the variety they desire. They accumulate from different manufacturers to increase the selection.

Reduces Distribution Cost

Contracting with a distributor reduces the cost of distribution. Buyer and seller don’t have to negotiate each transaction.

Instead, the distributor can work out the size and frequency of orders. They can also decide payment and delivery schedules for ongoing orders. As these purchases become routine, the costs associated with them will lower.

Increases the Availability of Products for Consumers

Producers want to determine what their customers need and want. In turn, customers search for desired products and services. Distributors can aid in those search processes.

Consumers tend to find what they want when they shop businesses in the separate lines of trade. For a food item, they will look in the grocery section. The same goes for clothing, hardware, and so on.

With a distributor, producers can spread their products in different retail outlets. That way, customers can find the products where and when they need them.

Pallet Distribution Is Always Streamlining

The pallet distribution sector made great strides when they introduced regional hubs in the UK. This was in response to a growth in the industry.

The evolution of The Pallet Network was another response to industry growth. This served to reduce miles for HGV drivers and lowered costs.

Advances in tracking technology also increased efficiency. Now, companies can see what goods were coming and where to deliver them. Scheduling became more precise. Customers became able to track their orders.

Beyond Delivery

Distribution services are more than delivery services. It is a dynamic combination of logistics, networks, and pallet distribution.

The lorries you see on the motorways are part of a vital network. They keep the UK’s retail business thriving.

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