Why should you use pallet distribution for your business? LTS Explains

14 September 2021 | Road & Transport

The humble pallet is often taken for granted, yet using pallets for distribution brings many benefits. A pallet is a wooden platform upon which goods can be placed and wrapped. They are made to standard sizes, so they are easy to move and strong enough to carry a wide variety of goods. Palletised shipments are the most popular method of distribution in the world, and with good reason. If you have been considering palletised freight for your business, here’s why you should give it a try!

Fast and Efficient Deliveries

Networks such as TPN (The Pallet Network) are designed specifically for moving palletised freight nationwide. At LTS, we are partnered with TPN, so can pass all the advantages on to our customers.

TPN has strategically located regional hubs and depots, making moving freight economical, efficient and reduces mileage and emissions. With palletised freight, you can benefit from timed, 24-and-48-hour deliveries, secure warehousing, and electronic tracking throughout from collection to delivery.

Increased customer service

The benefits of palletised freight mean you can provide different delivery options for your customers, give accurate information of transit times, as well as ensuring that goods arrive in good condition.

Minimises Damages

Pallets are sturdy and designed with gaps that fit a forklift truck. This means that when goods are packaged and put on a pallet, they can be loaded and offloaded onto trucks, and moved around warehouse facilities with ease, lessening damages.

Pallets are a safe way to look after goods while in transit, and special care can be taken with fragile or sensitive freight. Pallets that have similar types of goods can be grouped together, this makes handling these types of goods much more efficient.

Full and Part Load Options

Palletised freight is shipped in standard dimensions, typically 120 cm x 100 cm x 220 cm. This creates ‘blocks’ that can easily be measured to efficiently fill a truck or container. This means that if your goods are on a pallet, you can maximise all space available if you have large volumes, by choosing full load. Or, to save money when sending smaller amounts of goods, you can share space with other businesses in the same truck.

Let LTS handle your Palletised Freight

LTS are members of TPN, so we have the facilities in place to provide comprehensive palletised freight options for any size of business. As such, we can offer full and part loads, next day deliveries, secure warehousing and tracking on every consignment. We can also tailor a service to meet your specific business requirements.

If you are sending bulky or fragile items, we have the expertise to handle them with care. If you are not sure whether palletised freight is right for your business, why not give us a call? Our team will advise you on finding the best solutions. Get in touch!


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